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Post Op Compression Bra | Non Lace | Black

Post Op Compression Bra | Non Lace | Black

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Leading surgeons recognize that wearing post-op bras that women truly enjoy can significantly contribute to their successful recovery. 

LaBratory's Surgical Couture post-op bra has been crafted for you to feel beautiful while optimizing your results and comfort post-surgery.

Our recovery bra is perfect after breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, mastectomy, or any other breast surgery.  

The focus of this bra is to optimize your results, comfort, and enjoyment after breast surgery.

Our Non-Lace Surgical Couture Post-Op Bra gives you:

  • Gentle compression to reduce swelling, 
  • High adjustability to fit your changing body
  • Beautiful design you can wear on any occasion

This beautiful, functional, and optimally fitted bra can continue to be worn after the recovery period as a non-underwire everyday bra.

Medical Coverage

LaBratory Bras is a registered trademark under medical garments. Patients with extended health coverage can claim a medical brassiere after surgery. A prescription can be filled out by your physician which can be submitted for reimbursement.

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We offer free worldwide express shipping on all order an estimated 1 - 4 days after shipment.

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After Surgery Bra FAQ

Why Do You Need to Wear a Post-Op Bra After Breast Surgery?

Are post-op bras necesary? Absolutely! here's are some of the reasons why need to wear a post-op bra after breast surgery.

Support:After breast surgery, your breasts will need support as they heal. A post-op bra is specially designed to provide the right amount of compression and support to help minimize movement and aid in the healing process.

Comfort:Post-op bras are made from soft, breathable materials that help you feel comfortable during the recovery period. They should avoid irritating any incisions or sensitive areas.

Protection:Wearing a post-op bra can help protect your incision sites from any unnecessary friction or impacts that could cause discomfort or delay healing. It acts as a gentle barrier between your skin and outer clothing. It can help keep dressings secure and can provide some pressure over dressings, which is beneficial after drain removal.

Swelling: Post-op bras should have adjustable straps and closures, allowing you to customize the fit to provide the necessary support and compression to minimize swelling.

Shape and contouring:Depending on the type of breast surgery you undergo, a post-op bra can help maintain your desired shape and contour. It can provide extra support to prevent sagging or shifting of breast tissues during the healing process.

Can I Wear A Sports Bra After Surgery?

Sports Bras aren't great after surgery because they're flattening. You don't wants your your breasts to be unnaturally high, because they didn’t have a chance to “fluff and drop” after surgery!

While sports bras are designed to provide support and reduce movement during physical activity, they are not be ideal immediately after surgery because they can compress and flatten the breasts, rather than lift and bring together, which may lead to lateral displacement while healing.

Will My Surgeon Give Me A Surgical Bra After Surgery?

Surgeons may or may not provide a bra for you after breast surgery. All surgeons should recommend a bra for you to help your healing process post-surgery.

It is important to note that individual surgeons may have different practices and preferences regarding providing a bra after breast surgery. Some surgeons may provide a surgical bra or recommend certain bras specifically designed for post-surgery recovery, while others may not provide one at all.

How Many Surgical Bras Do I Need?

Surgeons recommend wearing a supportive bra 24 hours per day while recovering. Because of this, it's best to have at least two post op bras so that you can alternate washing them regularly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Wearing this 2 years after surgery feels very comfortable. In comparison to what I had to wear after my surgery, I would much rather wear this bra.

Chelsea Atchison
Beautiful and comfortable!

I bought my first reduction post-op Labratorybra at my surgeons office and absolutely loved it. I wore it right after surgery and found it amazingly comfortable and looked nice at the same time. It looks great under all of my clothes. These bras are pretty and make you look great! I really recommend for anyone having a breast reduction and needing post-op bras!


Definitely not appropriate for stage one use like I was told by customer service before purchasing. This rubbed on my inframammary incisions so bad that I had to take it off immediately. It also does not offer very much in the way of the compression you need during the first two weeks. It’s a very soft, very nice bra, but more appropriate for after you’ve healed, or maybe if you had periareolar incisions and don’t have much swelling remaining. I also don’t find it to be incredibly supportive on the sides (as far as the capsulorrhaphy surgery I also had). I emailed customer service 2 weeks ago and never even received a response back. After spending $100.00 on a bra, that doesn’t sit well with me.

Karyn Rosar
Game changer! 🌸

I couldn’t be happier with my LaBratory bras! I literally wear them everyday rotating black and beige. The material is so luxurious and they look so pretty too! Highly recommend 👍 During your recovery and after, you can’t go wrong!

Radica Ilic

Post Op Compression Bra | Non Lace | Black