Brunette woman wearing black lace compression bra after surgery

Scientifically created, beautiful, functional bras designed for you.

Surgical Couture

Beautiful and Supportive Bras for Post-Surgical Recovery

Lace Bra

Designed to provide support after surgery, this bra features a front adjustable closure and butterfly shoulder opening, making it easy for both the patient and the recovery team to put on. The bra is made from soft, comfortable fabric and features a delicate lace trim.

Labratory Bras Lace Post Op Compression Bra | Bombshell Nude

Lace Post Op Compression Bra | Bombshell Nude

Labratory Bras Lace Post Surgery Compression Bra | Black

Lace Post Surgery Compression Bra | Black

Non-Lace Bra

This bra has a similar fit to the lace bra, with a seamless design and lower placement on the breast and underarm. You can even wear this bra as an everyday bra, under your favourite shirt, for a smooth and seamless appearance.

Post Op Compression Bra | Non Lace | Black

Post Op Compression Bra | Non Lace | Black

Post Surgery Compression Bra | Non Lace | Bombshell Nude

Post Surgery Compression Bra | Non Lace | Bombshell Nude

Patient Testimonial

"A TREASURE! How can a bra feel so soft, look so sexy, and also give the gentle compression and support required for the best outcomes after breast surgery? LaBratory is absolutely the most comfortable, functional bra I've ever worn."

- Diane

Halfmoon Bay, BC

Meet the Innovators

Dr. Adelyn Ho and Dr. Alex Seal are board-certified plastic surgeons committed to providing the highest quality of care to their patients, whether they are seeking aesthetic or reconstructive breast surgery.

Together, they have co-founded LaBratory®, a bra and lingerie company dedicated to creating scientifically designed, beautiful, and functional bras for breast surgery patients.

Their mission is to provide patients with functional, optimally tailored bras that not only fit perfectly but also enhance recovery and long-term excitement with the appearance and comfort of their breasts.

About LaBratory

The Why

We asked our patients to help us design a patient-centered bra that meets their needs. LaBratory® combines patient feedback, expertise in plastic surgery and lingerie to create a functional and beautiful bra for breast surgery patients. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our patients for their invaluable contribution in creating a confidence-boosting and comfortable bra.

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Give Back with Us

We are grateful for your support, as a percentage of the proceeds from every bra sold is donated towards Breast Cancer Research.