Continuous Comfort, Uncompromised Elegance

Discover Why Embracing Multiple Post-Op Bras Enhances Your Recovery Journey

Why More than One Post Op Bra? A Surgeon's Perspective

"After surgery, I like my patients to wear a black bra for postoperative wear because skin prep solution can transfer onto the patient's bra. The lace bra adds a touch of elegance and can help patients feel better during a time of swelling and dressing changes.

During recovery, surgical fluids can drain onto the bra, so it's helpful to have a second bra to wear while washing the first. The skin may slough off and perspire, so changing into a clean, dry bra every day is ideal. If patients want support but prefer a lower cut in the bust area and under the arms, I suggest a non-lace bra, which can also double as a sports bra or t-shirt bra."

- Dr. Adelyn Ho, MD

The Practicality of Multiples

  • Ensure a consistent healing environment with a rotation of clean bras.
  • Avoid interruptions in your recovery routine with a fresh bra always at hand.
  • Transition smoothly throughout your day, from rest to movement, with bras designed for various levels of activity.

Seamless Style, Day & Night

LaBratory Bras blend after-surgery functionality with style, ideal for all-day wear.

Our bras have been uniquely designed to accompany elegant dresses or as your new favorite t-shirt bra.

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Blonde model wearing after surgery bra with adjustable front closure

Your Recovery Wardrobe Essentials

Our Essential Lace Bra and Non-Lace Bra are vital for a versatile recovery wardrobe.

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