• How Often Will You Order?

    If you are ordering for a clinic that provides bras to patients as part of their surgery, be sure to order a quantity of bras that matches the number of breast surgeries performed.

    Most clinics order every two months.

  • How Many & What Size Bras Should We Order?

    Our average wholesale order is 19 bras with the following size breakdown:

    1 Extra Large

    3 Large

    7 Medium

    6 Small

    2 Extra Small

  • What Styles & Colors Are Most Popular?

    We suggest ordering:

    • 60% Black and 40% Bombshell Nude colored bras
    • Half of your stock in each lace and non-lace styles.

    Many clinics keep ordering simple with one style & color, while others provide their patients with a choice of style and color.

Watch the online ordering process: