Top Surgeons Reveal Post Surgery Compression Bra Secrets | Give Your Breasts the Support They Need

Post Surgery Bras Created By Medical Experts

LaBratory post surgery bras have been designed by award-winning bra designer Dora Lau and top breast surgeons Dr. Adelyn Ho and Dr. Alexander Seal.

We have developed post-op lingerie that supports healing, is adaptive throughout your recovery, suitable for everyday use, and makes you feel confident and beautiful while wearing it.

Let's dispel some common myths about compression bras for use after breast surgery.

  • You should be getting a bra that provides SOME compression
  • Your bra should provide a lot of support
  • Your bra should be comfortable & beautiful so that you love wearing it!

Now let's get into some of the questions we get asked most often about compression bras.

How tight should my postsurgery bra be?

The amount of compression varies by surgeon and type of surgery. In general, a postsurgery bra should:

  • should provide some compression but should not restrict movement
  • should not be uncomfortable or painful to wear.
  • not be too tight or irritate incision sites
  • not restrict blood flow to the area which increases recovery time

Is There A Compression Bra With The Perfect Fit?

The perfect compression bra will fit snugly and provide support without feeling restrictive. LaBratory bras are designed to provide supreme comfort, the level of compression you need post surgery and a beautiful look.

Some features of our compression bras include:

  • adjustable straps and eye-hooks – so you can adjust your bra in response to swelling and bloating.
  • expandable cups – to help you mold to your new bra size with excessive tension
  • front fastening – for easy wear and mobility, to avoid arms being stretched 
  • outward facing seams – that won't rub against your incisions and cause discomfort.
  • breathable fabric – to ensure your skin can breathe as it heals.

Support Recovery From Breast Augmentation Implant, Explant Surgery With The Right Bra.

The road to recovery following breast surgery is as important as the preparation. Your body needs to adapt to a changing breast shape, while managing swelling and blood circulation, and may need to also stabilize breast implants.

Our breast surgery compression bras are suitable for use after a range of procedures.

Post-Surgical Bras: Recommendations for Breast Reduction, Reconstruction or Lift

  1. If you aren't sure which compression bra is right for you, consider our checklist here: Best Post Surgical Bra Article

Is a compression bra the same as a sports bra?

While both provide compression to reduce breast movement, a sports bra and compression bra have differences. For instance, since sports bras are generally designed with heavy seams, there is a risk of friction and irritation at the surgery site. Additionally, compression bras will typically secure and support breasts and provide compression to breasts individually.

Adjustability and ease of putting the bra on with front closure is another important difference with a compression bra, as sports bras are often put on over the head which can put strain on the recovering breasts. 

Can I use a sports bra after surgery?

Sports bras are designed to compress the breast against the chest holding them in place to limit movement. They do not have individual cups to separate and lift the breasts and shouldn't be used for recovery after surgery. Early in recovery, it is not recommended that to lift arms above the shoulders which is how a sports bra is typically put on.

How do I know what size bra to buy after breast augmentation?

Congratulations on your decision to undergo breast augmentation!

You're probably wondering what size bra to buy now. The best way to determine your new bra size is to consult with your surgeon, measuring your bust, band size, and planned implant volume and then use our Recovery Bra Size Guide

They will take precise measurements and guide you in finding the perfect fit for your enhanced breasts. Remember, this is an exciting new chapter in your life, and finding the right bra will only enhance your confidence and happiness.